La Taberna Abandonada
El mundo ha cambiado, lo siento en el agua, lo siento en la tierra, lo huelo en el aire. Mucho se perdió entonces, pero nadie vive ahora parar recordarlo...o si?
Regístrate si has encontrado lo que buscas o si piensas que la labor que desempeña la Taberna merece la pena rescatando aquellos Rpgs de antaño!!
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Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

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Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

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¿Qué genero gozará de mayor salud en el futuro?



[url= solar empire&tag=result;title;0]Sins of the Solar Empire[/url]
"This isn't just the first great strategy game of 2008. It's also an
absolute must-have if you love space strategy."

Starcraft 2
Do I really need to explain why?

Empire: Total War
Finally! Total War is heading into XVIII century. With naval combat!

Will Wright is a genius( he created games like Sim City and SIMS)..and this
game of his is one the most ambitious game in development right now.

Disciples III: Renaissance
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy was one of best turn-based fantasy strategy games
of last few years. It was released in 2002,around the same time such "monsters"
from this subgenre like Heroes4,Age of Wonders 2 and Etherlords were released.
And yet it stood proudly next to them and secured it's place as one of premier
franchises of this type. Now it's back in full 3D and done by Akella.

[url= cold&tag=result;title;0]Panzers: Cold War[/url]
Previous two Panzers games both got solid AA here

[url= alliance]Jagged Alliance 3[/url]
Jagged Alliance series is pure turn-based perfection. now it returns running on
highly modified Silent Storm engine and developed by F3 Games( new developer
composed of veteran Russian developers, including ex-Nival people)

Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms.jpg
Free browser based MMO spin-off from the franchise.

New strategy game from GasPoweredGames, makers of Supreme Commander(8.7), a mix
of RTS and RPG gameplay heavily inspired by DoA mod for Warcraft3

A MMORTS without fees. From makers of GalacticCivilizations2(9.0)

Cities Unlimited
City Life turned out be a very good(7.8 from GS) city-builder that achieved quite
nice financial success, so now Monte Cristo is preparting a follow up with much
bigger budget and increased depth (in atempt to satisfy SimCity fans who were
dissapointed by Sim City Societies)

RTS from Black Sea Studios, makers of Knights of Honor (8.0)

Perimeter 2
Sequel to one of most original RTS of recent years (8.3 from GS)

Multiplayer-centered version of Darwinia (8.5 from GS)

Europa Universalis Rome
New spin off from Europa Universalis franchise(previous games from this series:EU1-8.1,
EU2-8.5, EU3-8.7, Hearts of Iron 2- 8.3, Crusader Kings- 8.3)

Untitled Napoleonic era wargame
The Lordz, a group of modders know for the excellent Napoleonic Total War I and II mods
for Medieval:TW and Rome:TW is going commercial. Their game will be TotalWar-like, with
deep strategy level where we'll be able to take command of least 10 different nations
as well as huge and realistic battles (with various units formations, morale system,
terrain effects etc)

Supreme Ruler 2020
Supreme Ruler 2010 was described by Gamespot as "Complexity and accessibility are rarely
so well-balanced in a strategy game." and awarded it 7.6 score. The sequel will be in
full 3D and with bigger budget thanks to Paradox backing.

Hegemony: Philip of Macedon
From makers of Tread Marks(76% at GR)

WWI naval wargame, follow up to Distant Guns (it recieved seal of excelence at

Field Ops
A modern RTS where you can take direct control of every individual unit.
From makers of ImperiumGalactica2(8.4)

HistWar: Les Grognars
A tactical and strategical game of insane depth by Battlefront

Iron Grip- Warlord
RTS/FPS hybrid, first commercial release from this team (previously they did
very nice mods set in the Iron Grip universe)

Political Machine 2008
A strategy game about presidential election from Stardock (makers of Galactic Civilization 2)

Commander: Napoleon at War Hero
Sequel to Commander: Europe at War (82% at Gamerankings)

Loco MogulHero
From Apezone, makers of Starship Unlimited (8.0 from Gamespot)

Panzer Command: KharkovHero
WWII wargame from Koios Works, makers of Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great (8.3 from Gamespot)

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm
Third add-on to one of best modern RTS franchises (original game got 8.8, first add-on
got 8.8 and the second add-on got 8.Cool

Anno 1701: Sunken Dragon
Expansion pack to 7.6 city builder

The Settlers VI Empire of the East
First Settlers VI add-on

[url= wars]
You are subscribed to this thread Fantasy Wars: Elven LegacyHero
Add-on to 7.5 turn-based strategy game.

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 5:49 pm


Penumbra: Black Plague
The Penumbra series comes to a close with more creeps and physics-based puzzles.- 8.0 from Gamespot

Sam and Max Season Episode 201: Ice Station Santa
"Just slightly below Reality 2.0 on the list of great episodes; it’s laugh-out-loud funny,
with very intelligent puzzle design and a totally demented self-contained story which
interjects demonic possession into a sacred holiday. An absolute must-play."
- 9.0 from Adventuregamers

Sam and Max Season 2 Episode 201: Ice Station Santa
"There are criticisms, to be sure, but ultimately they feel like small nitpicks on what is
an intelligent and wildly creative episodic adventure that continues the series with the
requisite lunacy."
- 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Sam and Max Season 2 Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead
"This episode brings a lot of fresh ideas, but also a definite change in tone—which makes
it another solid experience for series vets, but less of a recommendation as an
introduction to the series."
- 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Sam and Max Season 2 Episode 204: Chariots of the Dogs
"It is the Sam & Max episode we have been waiting for. After flirting with elements of
perfection, the elusive goal is finally attained. This is the game to remind you why you
love adventure games."
- 10/10 from Adventuregamers

The Experiment
The Experiment overcomes its clichéd beginnings with original gameplay.- 7.5 from Gamespot

Jack Keane
You'd have to be pretty hard-hearted not to enjoy Jack Keane. It may be a little
too cutesy in some spots and the puzzles may be a bit too obtuse or conventional
in others, but the sheer sense of cartoon adventure that permeates every frame
drives the game over these potholes.
- 7.0 from Gamespot

The Lost Crown: a Ghosthunting Adventure
"The Lost Crown is beautiful to look at and good for a few scares. If you have
the patience to get past its many rough edges, you’ll find a thoroughly playable
adventure underneath."
-7.0 from Adventuregamers

Vampyre Story
From ex-LucasArts guys(mostly from the Curse of Monkey Island crew)

Nikopol: The Carnival of Immortals
Adventure game from Benoit Sokal (Syberia, Amerzone, Paradise) based on (and with active
input from the author)Enki Bilal masterpiece graphic novel trilogy.

Dracula 3
The series is getting resurrected by Kheops

Mata Hari
Adventure game from 4Head (most well known for Europa 1400 (8.5) ), designed and written by
Lucas Arts veterans: Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein ( guys behind Indiana Jones and
The Last Crusade as well as legendary Indiana Jones games The Fate of Atlantis)

Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin
Follow up to Sherlock Holmes: the Awakened (8.3 from Gamespot)

Still Life 2
Finally a sequel to one of most loved adventure games in recent years (9.0 at Adventuregamers).

Cyberpunk adventure from makers of Memento Mori in c.lassic point&click s.tyle using 2.5D
engine with non-linear story and alternative storylines.

So Blonde
A game from Steven Ice (lead writer of games like Broken Sword (9.2) and Broken Sword 3(8.1)

Dracula: Origin
From Frogwares, makers of Sherlock Holmes: the Awakened (8.3)

Simon the Sorcerer 4
The beloved adventure series is back, this time in following the path of first two
titles(which were incredible) instead of following the terrible road of Simon3

First full lenght adventure from Amanita Design (makers of marvelous Samorost 1-2)

Perry Rhodan
Adventure game based on longest running SF novels series ever made

The Whispered World

The Path
From makers of Endless Forest

Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods
First one got 7.3

First commercial game from maker the incredible freeware adventure game
"What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed"

" First-person-not-so-massively-multiplayer- online-procedural-adventure-game"

Treasure Island
Fully 3D adventure game from Radonlabs (who are also working on Drakensang) that
will give you a chance to live through Stevenson's cla$sic story.

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential
New adventure game from the team behind Schizm (7.8 from GS) and Sentinel (7.0 from Adventuregamers)

Blackwell Convergence
Third episode in the series (previous two both got 7/10 from Adventuregamers)

Cassius Pearl
Traditional point and click adventure game. The team was formed by developers working for big
French developing companies like Ubisoft, Eden Studios, Arkane Studios or Stormfront.

Secret Files 2
Sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska (7.0 from Adventuregamers)

Cartoon adventure game from Alcachofa Soft (makers of Clever & Smart- 84% at

An Adenture game from Stephan Martiniere(visual art director at Cyan where he worked
on Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, Uru: The Path of the Shell and Myst 5), Dylan Cole(who
worked on the films Superman Returns, Daredevil and The Chronicles of Riddick)
and former employees from Digital Domain( James Cameron's special effects company)

An adventure game described as "present-day thriller game about the psychological
dimensions of violence.", from House of Tales, makers of "Moment of Silence"
(AdventureGamers-4/5, JustAdventure-A-)

Memento Mori
New adventure game from Anaconda label.

Nostradamus - The Last Prophecy
New Kheops game

Dead Mountaineer Hotel
Last-Express like adventure game(meaning non-linear, NPC have AIs, goals, daily routines
and walk freely over the gameworld) based on Strugacki Brothers' novel, made by Akella.

Kaptain Brawe
Indie oldschool comedy adventure game

AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo
Fourth episode of Agon ( the last one got 7.0 from Adventuregamers)


Sinking Island
Detective adventure game from Benoit Sokal(Amerzone, Syberia series, Paradise)

Juniper Crescent - The Sapphire Claw
By Steven Ince, co creator of BrokenSword series

Dreamfall Chapters
An episodic continuation of Dreamfall storyline

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 5:51 pm


Pirates of Burning Sea
If you can overlook Pirates of the Burning Sea's steep learning curve, you'll be rewarded with
some of the most unforgettable moments in any online RPG.
- 8.0 from Gamespot

AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage
Avencast balances the action-oriented and traditional RPG genres better
than you might expect.
- 7.5 from Gamespot

Dragon Age
Bioware next epic

King's Bounty: the Legend
Fantasy tactical RPG. Player will walk around big world map, do quests, subquests
,upgrade his character, etc. Simply typical RPG stuff, but the combat will
resemble a strategy game. It will be turn-based ,you will gather big parties etc.
The game is developed by the team that made Space Rangers 2(8.1 at Gamespot)

Drakensang: The Dark Eye
Finally a new game based of DarkEye pen and paper RPG (previously used in
wonderful Realms of Arkania series)

A turn-based SF wargame with RPG elements developed by ex-Troika guys using
the Source engine

Indie roleplaying game following the good old school principles of the genre:
non-linearity, turn-based combat, lots of roleplaying and decisions having
real effect on the game world

Reluctant Hero
An innovative RPG that follows entire career of your character, till his very
death from old age. By makers of Kult:Heretic Kingdoms (74% at Gamerankings)

Space Siege
SF action-RPG from GasPoweredGames, a team behind games like Dungeon Siege(8.4)
and it's sequel(7.9) and Supreme Commander (8.7).

Hard to be God
Isometric RPG set in world created by Strugacki's brothers. Co-developed by Akella

Mount and Blade
Indie RPG with revolutionary combat system(realistic swordplay, archery,
mounted combat, total insanity), recently Paradox has becamed it's publisher
which will translate to more money for development and polish.

Not the Time for Dragons

Legend: Hand of God

Age of Decadence
Hardcore indie RPG

The Broken Hourglass
An old-school Baldurs Gate 2-like RPG, done by Planewalker Games-indie team consisting
of cRPG modders, lead by Jason Compton (the best BG2 modder, he did wonders to NPC and
party members dynamic interaction). The game takes place in Tolmira (sword-and-sorcery
setting, which PlaneWalker licensed) has isometric perspective, unlimited party, complex
party-to-party interactions, lots of good old-school roleplaying and real-time with
pause combat system

Epic space opera RPG by LogicFactory, makers of ToneRebellion(8.1)

Avernum 5
New Spiderweb Software RPG.

Mysteries of Westgate
Adventure pack from makers of Darkness over Daggerford(one of very best NWN mods)

Episodic mix of RPG and adventure game from Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island)

City of Abandoned Ships
Fans have been waiting for real sequel to Sea Dogs for many years. We had to suffer through
two failed atempt: Pirates of Caribbean and Age of Pirates. Fortunately fans were able to
salvage those two and with many mods bring them closer to original Sea Dogs. This time Akella
decided not to take any risks and simply hired Seaward(company formed by creators of those
mods) to make this game.

Guild Wars 2
Sequel to 9.2 online RPG

Star Trek Online

Ragnarok Online 2
Sequel to one of best and most popular MMORPGs in the world

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
by Mythic, makers of Dark Age of Camelot(the only MMO besides WoW to ever get AAA from GS)

Warld of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King
Second add-on to WoW.

Dragonball Online
From Namco/Bandai, production is overseen by Toriyama himself

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 5:53 pm



"Montjoie! is a good board game that’s become a great computer game. (...) Fans of board
games or the strategy genre should definitely check out Montjoie!, as its one of the
best adaptations of a board game you’ll see on the PC: c’est magnifique!"

8.5 from Out of Eight website

Spandex ForceHero

"If you’re going to make yet another match-3 game, this is the way to do it. Spandex Force takes
several kinds of puzzle games and combines them in a coherent package with a great theme

7.5 from Out of Eight website

Cryptex of TimeHero

"A fresh take on the genre, Cryptex of Time takes a classic idea and expands upon it enough to
produce a notable title."
- 7.5 from Out of Eight website

Jack’s BouncyHero

"Jack’s Bouncy Qubes is an entertaining puzzle/action game and quite fun, while providing
enough of a challenge to keep you interested."
- 7.5 from Out of Eight website


Circulate certainly falls into the old cliché of “easy to learn, hard to master.” It’s always
nice to play something different that all those click management and match-3 games that
populate the puzzle genre, and the rotational mechanics of Circulate certainly are just
that. Circulate breathes some fresh air into a typically bland and repetitive genre.

7.5 from Out of Eight website


Fourth Introversion game (after Uplink, Darwinia and Defcon)


New fluid-centered puzzle game from makers of The Odyssey: Winds of Athena(8.0 from Gametunnel)

Fool and his money

Sequel to legendary Fool's Errand.

Democracy 2

Sequel to best indie sim of 2005

Cosmic Osmo's Hex Isle

CYAN Worlds (creators of Myst series) are returning to the first IP they've created.

World of Goo

A physics based puzzle / construction game.One of finalist for IGF 2008 Game of the year award.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a sequel to the popular freeware game in which you

get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically

transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic

vision and creative use of physics.One of finalist for IGF 2008 GOTY.

Crazy Machines 2

Sequel to 7.9 puzzle game, this time in full 3D

Warlords Online

Freeware puzzle/strategy hybrid.

Guitar Rising

A Guitar Hero- like game, only instead of a plastic guitar with buttons,

a real guitar is used (by being plugged into the microphone jack) to play.

Deep Blue Sea

Casual puzzle game from The Game Equation( new studio formed by people who

previously worked on Hitman series)


Casual puzzle game from The Game Equation( new studio formed by people who

previously worked on Hitman series)

Katamari Online

Multiplayer spin-off of the great series


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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 5:58 pm


Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry WarfareHero

"Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare adds just enough new features to make it stand out."- 7.5 from Out of Eight website

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

Prequel (With various improvements, including added dx10 support) to 8.6 FPS.

Ground Branch

Tactical shooter from Blackfoot( which is composed of RainbowSix, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon leads)

Enemy in Sight

Tactical shooter from makers of Mafia.

Far Cry 2

Natural Selection 2

Commercial Source-based sequel to one of best mp MODS

Tomboish Witches

English version of great doujin shump. It's great news, not only because the

game is simply a very good game, but also because it's the first doujin game

officially translated to English, so there's hope many more will follow.

Captain Claw 2

The first one got 7.7 and was one of most loved 2D PC platformers in recent decade

Global Agenda

Tactical MMOFPS running on Unreal Engine 3.0


Physics based action puzler.

Chrome 2

Original Chrome was good(7.2) FPS shooter that had lots of unrealized potential.

Since then Techland has been consistently improving and their last titlePandRally

has 85% average at GameRankings we can propably expect good things from this game

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark

Action-adventure based on legendary "Choose your own adventure" gamebook series

Battlefield Heroes

Freeware ad-supported multiplayer third person shooter.

Quake Live

Freeware ad-supported version of Quake 3 playable through web browsers.

Fallen Empire: Legions

Garagegames ( company formed by ex-Dynamix people, responsible for Tribes 1 and 2)

are finally making a successor to Tribes.


Innovative mix of 2D and 3D platforming. One of IGF nominees for most innovative game of the year

Gumboy Tournament

Multiplayer-centered sequel to Gametunnel's Indy GOTY 2007

The Great Tree

Action games from makers of Wik and Fable of Souls (9.0 from GS)

Kohatogaoka koukoujoshi guro-bu Gleam of Force.

New doujin fighting game from French Bread (makers of Melty Blood series)


Online FPS from Microforte (makers of Fallout Tactics (8.3 from Gamespot)

Zeno Clash

Fantasy FPP action game running on Source engine

Gish 2

A sequel to one of best 2D platformers of last 5 years( 8.2 at GS, IGF Game of the year 2005 winner)

FinnWars 2

Commercial follow-up to one of best Battlefield1942 mods ever made.


Audiosurf allows you to experience the intensity and emotion of your songs in

real time, in full color, and in 3D in form of futuristic racing game.

One of finalist for IGF 2008 Game of the year award.

The Spirit Engine 2

Commercial follow-up to a great 2003 freeware


Freeware spiritual successor to Tribes, created by the team that made the

Renegade mod for Tribes, Tribes2 and Tribes: Vengeance

Fireteam Reloaded

Team-based multiplayer action game from Pixel (Austin-based studio formed by veteran developers

who worked on games like Ultima, Wing Commander, Medal of Honor and Deus Ex series)

King Solomon's Treasures

Old school platformer from team who previously released excelent freeware remakes of

Goody and Super Colt 36.

Alien Swarm: Infested

AlienSwarm was one of very best and definitly the most original UnrealTournament2004 mods ever.

Now the sequel is coming as commercial game running on Valve's Source engine


Innovative FPS from ( small team most well known for Carnivores(7.1) and Carnivores 2(7.3) )

Cletus Clay

A platformer with visuals made of Clay made by maker of Platpus

Eduardo The Samurai Toaster

Face wound

Platformer made by creator of Garry's Mod

Savage II: Tortured Soul

A sequel to innovative RTS/FPS mix that won Indie GOTY 2003

Black Sky

Open ended StarControl2 like game

They Hunger: Lost Souls

Original Hunger was THE best single-player mod for Half-life. Now the team returns with

commercial follow up based on Source engine

Armada Online


Indie platformer


TPP post apocalyptic action game from Creoteam(new team formed mostly by ex Crytek and Frogwares guys)

American McGee's Grimm

Finally a follow up to Alice

Americas Army

this time on UE3.0


Storm of War: Battle of Britain

From makers of Il2 Sturmovik

Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark

Heli sim from Eagle Dynamics, best known for Flanker 2.0 (8.7 from GS)

Jet Thunder

Historical air combat sim from Thunder Works

Fighter Ops

Jumpgate Evolution

A sequel to space sim MMO that got 8.6 from Gamespoit

Infinity: The Quest for Earth

MMO space simulator with huge procedurally generated universe

Universe Online

A space sim MMO from team of MMO veterans( Colony studios is composed of people who

worked on Eve, Wow and others MMOs)

Microsoft Train Simulator 2

Finaly a sequel to one best train sims ever made( 8.2from GS), this time it

will be made by AcES (company responsible for Flight Simulator series) using

their Flight Simulator X engine

Knights of the Sky

A WWI sim made on IL2Sturmovik series engine

Silent Hunter 4: U-Boat Missions

Add-on to 8.3 submarine simulator

BattlestarGalactica: Beyond the Red Line[/color][/b]

Freeware space-sim on modified freespace2 engine

Starfox: Shadows of Lylat

Freeware fan-made game running on modified Freespace2 engine

Wing Commander Saga

Freeware fan-made sequel running on modified Freespace2 engine

The Tomorrow War[/color][/b]

A space sim based on the trilogy of novels written by a famous Russian author, Alexander Zorich.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

Mosquito fleet simulator from Akella

Rail Simulator

from the team that made Microsoft Train Simulator(8.2)


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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 6:00 pm


Live for Speed S3

Major upgrade to already great Live for Speed S2


Ex-Lead guys from Papyrus(basically the GOD of racing sims until Sierra closed

them down)are now working on self-funded online-centered hardcore racing sim to be released in 2007

ARCA Sim Racing

Finally a stock car sim.

Turismo Carretera

Racing sim thaty recreates most important series in South America. It's using the gMotor 2.0

technology licenced by ISI.( the same physics and graphics engine that GTR2 and RACE use)


offroad racing game from EasyCo (company formed by ex-members of IlussionSoftworks

where they worked on Hidden and Dangerous 1-2 and Mafia)


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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 6:01 pm


Mafia 2

At last! A sequel to one of very best (9.3) action games ever made.

Fallout 3

Frontlines: Fuel of War

The Crossing

Source based shooter mixing singleplayer and multiplayer. Developed by Arkane Studios

( Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic) and Half-Life 2's art director

Heavy Rain

New adventure game from the makers of Indigo Prophecy(one of the best and most unique

adventure games of last couple years, Gamespot gave 8,4 and Adventure GOTY in 2005)

Sacred 2

Sequel hack and slash RPG that probably was the best DIablo2-like game(aside from Diablo

itself ) ever released. This time Ascaron is making the game in in full 3D

Rise of the Argonauts

UE 3.0-based action-RPG from Liquid, makers of games like Battle Realms(8.7) and Dragonshard(8.5).

Project Origin

Sequel to FEAR (9.1 from GS)

Project Offset

A fantasy FPS from makers of Savage(which won Indie GOTY 2003)

Alan Wake

A psychological thriller from makers of Max Payne series

Duke Nukem Forever

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2


FPS set in command and Conquer universe

Mirror's Edge

ICE's new first-person action adventure game


Unreal Engine 3.0 based RPG from 10Tacle

Blood Bowl

Sports game based on great Games Workshop board game, it will have both traditional

turn-based mode as well as real-time one. It's being developed by Cyanide Studios

(makers of similar Chaos League

Legendary: The Box

Bionic Commando

Operation Flashpoint 2

The Secret World

A MMO from makers of Age of Conan and Longest Journey franchise


Strategy game from ex-Bungie crew.

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Arcade flight game from Ubisoft

Interstellar Marines

FPS using Unreal Engine 3.0


Action-adventure from the makers of Outcast


Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Splinter Cell 5

Assassins Creed

Command and Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

Add-on to 9.0 RTS


Spy-themed action MMO from SOE


SF shooter from makers of Mech Assault series

Left 4 Dead

C-op centered Source-based shooter from Turtle Rock and Valve.

Lord of Creatures

Being made by lead designers of Commandos and Commandos2.

The Club

Third person shooter by Bizzare Creations ( makers of Project Gotham Racing series)

Mercenaries 2

Sequel to 8.8 game

Strike Force Red Cell

Commercial follow-up to great UT2004 mod

Rogue Warrior

Unreal Engine 3.0 based tactical shooter


Simple space strategy game made by creators of Warlords franchise


Post apocalyptic shooter from Gearbox (makers of Brothers in Arms series)

Armed Assault 2


Untitled Junction Point Project

From Warren Spector (creator of Deus Ex)


An open ended action/rpg game which takes action in space and on planets(think STALKER

mixed with Privateer), from makers of BoilingPoint

Age of Conan

Devil May Cry 4

Commanders: Attack

TUrn-based wargame from Southend Interactive, makers of Deathrow(8.7)

White Gold: War in Paradise

FPS/RPG hybrid that's a successor to Boiling Point.

Mass Effect

PC version of 8.5 360 RPG.

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Tomb Raider UnderworldHero

Battlestations: PacificHero

Sequel to Battlestations: Midway (7.9 from Gamespot)

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresHero

Lego BatmanHero

Aliens: Colonial MarinesHero

FPS from Gearbox (known for Brothers in Arms series)

Dead Space

Red Alert 3


FPS from Farm21(company created by people who worked on games like Painkiller

or MOH: Allied Assault), running on heavily upgraded Painkiller engine


A MMO FPS from Webzen running on UE3.0

Alone in the Dark 5


Winner of IGF 2006 Innovation Award

Everyday Shooter

game nominated for 2007 IGF's Design Innovation, Excellence in Audio and Grand Prize awards


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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Gandalf el Gris el Sáb Abr 12, 2008 6:56 pm

Maaama mía
Que peazo post

En estos casos, la acción siempre gana, ya sea pura y dura o en modo más aventura

Gandalf el Gris
Taberneros V.I.P.
Taberneros V.I.P.

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Lurion el Dom Abr 13, 2008 1:08 am

Dios tio, no postees estas cosas, que me desanimo de la cantidad de juegos que me voy a tener que pillar Snif...

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Klaurin el Dom Abr 13, 2008 1:45 am

Juegos que vuelven, juegos que nacen y seguramente alguno que morirá...
Tenes razón Lurion, al final uno se desanima con tanto, si todavía uno está con juegos que se quedó con ganas en su momento...

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Fallout el Dom Abr 13, 2008 2:06 pm

Si creo que la mayoría los jugaré cuando sean Abandonware a excepción del Fallut 3, starcraft 2 el Simon 4 y alguno mas que me dejaré seguramente, pero dudo que pague tanto dinero por juego con los precios que lamentablemente tienen.

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Azaghal el Lun Abr 14, 2008 1:20 am

Uff .. madre mia ... bueno, esta claro que van a primar los graficos ... ya veremos la jugabilidad ... yo tampoco creo q mis bolsillos esten para gastar ... si acaso el BloodBowl porque soy fanatico de este juego pero nada mas ... ahora a jugar con abandon que es lo mejor por ahora Wink

Merci por el post ... asi estamos a la ultima

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Nivel 4 Aventurero

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Lurion el Lun Abr 14, 2008 6:21 pm

Yo el problema que tengo es que soy muy Hardcore de consolas, y seguramente me pille (o ya tengo) aproximadamente el 15% de la lista o más.

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Re: Menudo año nos espera de Juegazos!!

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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